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Chello was the brand of internet service provider-activities of Liberty Global Europe (formerly UGC), a provider of broadband internet access via cable in Europe, with estimated 1.3 million customers across its markets. LGE operates in 15 European, 4 Latin American and 2 Asian/Pacific countries. The Chello branded internet service were available in seven of these: Austria, Belgium, France, Hung...


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"The people are terrible and the work is boring"


"Not much communication between management and staff. Salary can be better. Very flat structure. Not much option of career progression within department."

Tony Malone says

"Been phoning but no answer a number of times, been over a week, paid in full but no TV, going away in the caravan Monday exspected delivery before I went."

Nazaro Guerra says

"Order and pay for your next day delivery item then we will see if it’s in stock. It wasn’t and wouldn’t be for at least 3 weeks if at all REALLY?"

Mrs Meek says

"I bought a tv & dvd it's not arrived left 2 messages by phone that goes to diverted number sent a email had no response going to go to paypal & my bank to get my money back"

Sharon says

"Bought a cello 12v smart tv. Worked well for 9 months then netflix stopped working. TV village said the tv could not be updated and offered no other help. Don't buy a smart tv from them as tv village won't support when it stops working."

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